Monday, March 12, 2012

Battle of the Sexes

Recently, I remarked that if Fun Daddy would just do what I told him to, his life would be so much easier. This was because in our long running battle of "Who Is The Most Organised" I had just won a resounding victory. These are becoming increasingly rare for me, as my brain mostly consists of jam sandwiches and nap schedules since I had a baby. Now that I am pregnant, even the bits that are left are stewing in a vat of pregnancy hormones, and I commonly wander into a room and back out of it with a vague notion that I went in there for a purpose, but I will be damned if I know what it was.

In any event, Fun Daddy couldn't find his social security card. This is a very important document in the U.S., so of course it's printed on some cheap paper and is tiny and easily lost. Fun Daddy was convinced that I, in my pregnancy addled state, had mis-filed or lost it. He kept hoping to trick me into confessing by periodically asking me pointed questions, such as "If you had a filing system, where would you have filed my social security card?" Now my brain may be disorganised, but my filing system is impeccable thankyouverymuch. In return, I suggested that Fun Daddy should look to his own double super secret filing system, otherwise known as his sock drawer. Thieves never look for important documents in the underwear drawer you know...

Fun Daddy sullenly replied that he HAD looked in his sock drawer. Convinced that I had filed it someplace random, he stomped off to the study one evening to go through all our filing. Poor martyred Fun Daddy. Having to sort out Harried Mum's silly mistake. Big sigh.

I went and took a shower. And when I got out, I opened Fun Daddy's sock drawer. Lo and behold, what do you think was lying there in plain view? Yes, friends and neighbors, the missing social security card was right where I said it might be.

So I might be a little scatterbrained and muddled at the moment, but Fun Daddy will always be looking for things like a man...

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