Friday, February 22, 2013

Little Boys

Trouble, like all little boys in the history of the world, has discovered his dinkle.  It's so interesting.  He wants to touch it.  Always.  Every time his diaper comes off, that little hand is in there having a squeeze.  It kills me.  Sorry, Trouble, that I have shared. You can work it out in therapy.

Lunatic Child, of course, has moved on to dinkle tricks.   "Look mommy, it's big!!"  (Again, therapy, I know).  But it is so funny.  Little boys.   They are all the same.

In other dinkle related news, Lunatic Child appears to be potty trained, although he has been struggling a bit with the new nanny this week.  I am confident (ie, hopeful) that this will resolve itself shortly.  He had gone a couple weeks without an accident.  We are so close.  Although, to be honest, it's not as great as I had hoped.  I am still chasing him around the house to try and get him to wipe his *rse after a poo, and there's a lot of faffle involved with getting the pants down and up.  And his aim is fairly appalling,  Baby steps I guess.

Not too much else is news.  I start my new job on Monday.  I am looking forward to being back at work.  I have spent an extremely enjoyable week spending money willy nilly to replenish my work wardrobe.  It's been so fun!!!  Probably a lot more fun than the actual job will be, although I do think it's important for what remains of my sanity to go back to work.  My brain.  It's melting.

Fun Daddy is keeping on.  He has been traveling to London a bit for some new work responsibilities, which I resent.  He gets to see lots of our friends and stay in a nice, child free hotel room.  No fair.  I can't wait til I go on my first work trip.  Turn about is fair play!!!

Anyway, that's all she wrote.  Toodles, noodles.

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