Thursday, January 2, 2014

A glimpse of the future...

Hello my loves!!!!

And what is everyone up to these days?  Harried Mum is going bonkers at work while Fun Daddy is doing all the heavy lifting on organizing our move back to London.  Harried Mum is forever grateful.

In my quieter moments I like to try and predict Lunatic Child's future occupation.  This morning, he
was very concerned that my shoes didn't look very good with my sweater.  I had to explain that mummy was wearing sensible shoes to walk through the snow to the train station and my pretty shoes were in my bag.  Maybe there's a career in fashion in his future?

I think it's more likely, however, that Lunatic Child might be destined to be a lawyer like Harried
Mum.  Lunatic Child has become obsessed with the word stupid.  We have explained that it is not a
nice word and we don't say it.  His way around the prohibition is to repeat, 17 times per day, that "Stupid!!! not a nice word."  Over and over and over again.  Finally, Harried Mum lost her shit and pronounced a blanket ban.  "If I hear that word come out of your mouth one more time, you are going to your room."  Lunatic Child's immediate response was to start mouthing the
word stupid at me.  Nice try, but we obey the spirit as well as the letter of the law in this house, and
Lunatic Child had to spend some time in his room as a result.

Meanwhile, my Trouble.  He knows how to wind his brother up.  The only thing that Trouble's heart
desires is whatever is in his brother's hand at any given moment.  The other day, Lunatic Child was
holding a toy out of Trouble's reach while shrieking "Nooooo!!" at the top of his lungs.  It was Lunatic Child's Christmas present from Santa, so I was sympathetic to his lack of desire to share.  Trouble, enraged, was whacking him with both hands as hard as he could.  Trouble can't make such fine distinctions.  He wanted it.  It was not being provided.  He was mad as hell and not going to take
it.  I should have intervened right away, but I was weak from laughter.  It was hideous,  but it's my future, so I might as well see the humor in it I suppose.

Rotten babies.  Both of them.  But they are so very, very funny.  I love them like crazy.

Hope you're all well!  Toodles my noodles!!!  Until next time.

Harried Mum

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