Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In response to popular demand!!

Responding to the fervid pleas (well, mild suggestions) of at least...oh, 2 people I know, I am starting this blog.  As we are living far from friends and family in London and around the world, you can check in here to find out what Harried Mum, Lunatic Child and Fun Daddy are currently up to on the West Side, otherwise known as the Best Side!!!

What have we been up to, you ask?  Well, exciting things!!  All the time!!  We're parents!!  Life is a whirlwind of excitement, starting at 6:30am EVERY DAY.  Awesome. 

We had a recent holiday to Portland to see the Stylish Sister, Hip Brother-in-Law, Non-Sullen Teenager and New Baby!  Plus Grandma and Grandpa!  Lunatic Child enjoyed licking Stylish Sister's glass doors and smearing peanut butter on all available surfaces.  (Sorry about the mess!)  New Baby was precious and cuddly and roly poly.  He cried the entire time I babysat, which is about par for the course with me and Stylish Sister's offspring (Non-Sullen Teenager - I'm looking at you.  I still haven't forgiven you for crying THE ENTIRE TIME when I babysat you.  Once.)  Grandma brought Lunatic Child numerous noise making toys, which he adores.  Thanks Grandma.  I know a revenge purchase when I see it.

Fun Daddy enjoyed the holiday, right up to the time when he got LYME DISEASE.  Who knew it was on the West coast?  He developed a seriously nasty rash on his leg, and for a while it looked like the leg might actually. fall. off.  Copious quantities of antibiotics seem to have resolved the problem.  That's what he gets for going mountain biking.  So far Fun Daddy is 0 for 3 on mountain biking.  Recent expeditions have resulted in a serious concussion, getting lost and now Lyme Disease.  I think the Universe is trying to tell him something.

I went to my high school reunion whilst in Portland.  I am filing this under "weird".  Had a super pre-function day with Highly Glamorous Friend, who of course had organised hair and make up.  Yay!!   We also drank in the hotel room before hand, as you do when you're trying to re-create the high school experience.  Then we went to the reunion.  And that was just kind of weird.   It was different, and yet...  still so much sameness.  I am not sure we ever really evolve as much as we think we do.

Deep thought over.

Returning to NY, we re-immersed ourselves in NYC living, to which we are still adjusting.  Recent NY experiences include the following:

- realising that our local public preschool had 500 applications for 36 spaces last year.  Necessitating frantic internet search for private options.  Realising that I had ALREADY missed application window for start in the 2012-2013 school year.  Realising cost of private preschool is in the range of 7000 - 18,000 per year.  For PRESCHOOL.  I mean, come ON.  They're CUTTING PAPER.  This remains an open item on Harried Mum's to-do list.

- being run into on the street by woman who was completely not paying attention to surroundings, only to be told  angrily, "You could have got out of my way". 

- being stiff-armed by a mum in Lunatic Child's art class.  I went with him one day (this is a separate blog post of its own, as this was TOTAL DEBACLE) and introduced myself to one of the mums after the class as she lives in our building.  Was coolly told that I "might see her in the lobby sometime".  We are not organising a playdate with THEM any time soon.  Stylish Sister has suggested that she might not approve of Lunatic Child's lunatic behaviour, nor the fact that I am a Harried Working Mum.

So, as I said, still adjusting!!

We miss everyone and love you lots.

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