Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hello again!

Hi all

Sorry it's been so long.  Harried Mum is tired.  So tired.  Why didn't anyone tell me that having 2 small children is such hideously hard work?  I am DYING to go back to corporate law.  I would much rather deal with thorny legal problems and annoying clients than potty train my 2 year old.  Ugh.  To those mothers of my acquaintance who stay at home full time, I salute you.  You are made of sterner material than I.  If I have to clean out one more pair of pooped-in underpants, I am going to throw myself out the window.

Lunatic Child is a stubborn little mule, and is refusing to poop in the potty.  He uses distraction techniques, "Mummy, I need a glass of water."  And as soon as I have left the room, he does an enormous poo in his pants.  Mind you, this is after I have asked him at least 50 times whether he needs to go.  In desperation, I have purchased some extremely exciting toy cars and have positioned them just out of reach on the bookshelf.  He may choose one, should he ever deign to go on the toilet.  He is very interested in the toys, but so far no joy.  Everyone tells me it just takes time.  But who will crack first, Harried Mum or Lunatic Child?

Apparently, he pooped on the floor of the bathroom today at nursery school after informing the teacher he needed to go.   She didn't seem impressed.  I thought it was marvelous progress.

Lunatic Child is enjoying nursery school and is quite happy to tell me about his day.

I will ask, "What did your teachers teach you today?"

"Ms. K told me to be quiet."

I bet she did.  God love him.

Meanwhile, Trouble is my sweet, placid, peaceful child.  He cries when he's hungry or tired, and that's basically it.  He spends his days being hauled around like a sack of potatoes in the Baby Bjorn, and he's quite happy to nap wherever and whenever.  Poor younger child.  There is no schedule.  Very little bedtime routine.  But he just goes with the flow.  Lunatic Child helped give him a bath tonight.  You can imagine how that went.  Trouble didn't bat an eyelash as he was being splashed and  shouted at.  Later, I mopped the kitchen floor.  Sigh.

Psycho Cat continues to be a neighbourhood talking point.  She is so stupid that she won't run away from dogs, and I have twice come around the corner to find a dog owner incredulously watching as Psycho Cat comes walking straight up to their huge dog.  She is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  She lets Lunatic Child dump shovels full of sand on her, which he does with great gusto.

Fun Daddy is out losing our life savings at poker tonight.  It's 9:30.  Both kids are asleep.  I think I am going to bed.  It is all excitement, all the time...

I am out.

Harried Mum

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