Saturday, October 13, 2012

My baby...

Fun Daddy and I took Lunatic Child to nursery school on Friday.  The teachers were a bit late so we were all waiting outside.

All the other nice children were standing holding their parents' hands.  Waiting quietly.

Lunatic Child would not hold our hands.  He ran up the ramp to the door.  Then back down the ramp. Then back up the ramp.  Etc.  A nanny kept commenting, "He sure has a lot of energy."

Then he spotted a little boy he likes.  He got about an inch away from his face and yelled,  "Hi Pooper!!!"  The little boy's name is actually Cooper, but Lunatic Child mixes up his Cs and Ps.  They are, for example, Mini Poopers and Cupcapes.  Also, he is a personal space invader, but we're working on it.  I explained this to Cooper's father, but he didn't seem to see the humor in it.

Then one of the teachers shows up.  Lunatic Child announces to everyone, " I don't like Miss K."

The doors opened and Fun Daddy and I slunk away before Lunatic Child offended anyone else.

I Iove him so much.  He has so much personality.  Whatever he is, or whatever he's going to be, Lunatic Child is never going to be shy about letting us know.

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